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Act-On Software

Social Lead Scoring

AUDIENCE:  Administrators, Marketing Users

Lead scoring allows marketers to prioritize leads, qualify the right leads for sales, and capture long-term sales opportunities that would otherwise be lost.

 Act-On enables users to score leads based on many different criteria, and with the integration, even social actions can be used to score leads.

Leads can be scored based on the following social criteria:

Social Criteria Definition
Social Network The network from which the lead originated
Group Name of Group from which the lead originated
Profile Name of the personal/company page from which the post was published
Campaign Name of the social campaign within Oktopost
Post Link Score for social shared clicks

This example will show you how to add 15 points to leads that originated from LinkedIn.

  • Within Act-On, hover over Contacts and click on Scoring Rules.
  • Choose a name for the rule.
  • Under Profile, in Contact Field select OktoClickNetwork, Condition select Equals and Criteria LinkedIn'.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • Choose a score. In this example, 15 points are attributed to a a lead from LinkedIn.
  • Click Update Scoring Rules.
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