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The Dashboard Report


When you log into your Act-On account (or click the Home menu option), you see the Start page, a convenient base of operations from which you have single-click access to many of the major features of the Act-On system. The Start page also provides access to your most recently-sent messages and edited items.

For a closer look at account activity, access the Act-On dashboard:

  1. Click on Home.
  2. Choose Dashboard.

The dashboard includes the following components:

  • Recently Sent – This lists the last five email messages sent from your Act-On account. Hover over a message to see when it was sent, and click the message title to view the sent message report.
  • Recent Responses – This lists the contacts that have recently responded to your email messages. Hover over the contact to view which message they've responded to, and click to view their Act-On contact record. This will also show a list of the email messages sent to that contact and how they've interacted with each message.
  • Recent Downloads – This lists the recent media files accessed by your prospects. Hover over the media file to view who downloaded it, and click the media file to view the full download report.
  • Spotlight Message - This provides you an overall summary of data for a particular message. You will be able to see your open rate, bounce rate, did not open, clicked, and a few other bits of data.
    • Use the drop-down menu to select a message, then click View Message to view the report results.
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