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After Your Message is Sent


After you send your message via Act-On Anywhere, you can view how well your message performed and drill down for further details about your prospects using the Sent Message report.

Act-On Anywhere Tracking Overview

Act-On Anywhere Tracking allows you to track your message and the engagement your prospects had with the message like you would any other message sent from Act-On.

Once the message has been sent, a detailed message report will be available in your Act-On account, showing the open and clickthrough responses of your contact. This activity will also be added to your contact's activity history. If this contact (based on email address) does not yet exist in Act-On, they will be added.


  • The message, including the trackable links, will be personalized for the first recipient in the "To" field. If there are additional recipients, or if the message is forwarded on, any additional opens and clickthroughs will be attributed to the original recipient.
  • Because of the way Act-On tracks links, you will not be able to send tracked emails to multiple recipients at once including cc/bcc recipients. If multiple people receive the email or the email is forwarded and others click the links they will be tracked as though they were the first recipient.
  • When the message is sent, Act-On will rewrite any links that start with HTTP:// or HTTPS://, so that they are trackable. If you have links that you do not wish to track, you would need to begin them without the http://.

Enable Google Chrome notifications for real-time alerts when a prospect opens or clicks a link in your message. You will receive notifications when your message is opened and if your prospect clicks through on any link within the messages.


  • These customer behaviors are also tracked in Act-On and can be viewed there. Chrome notifications are an additional way to view these interactions.

If notifications are not working, they may be disabled in your Google Chrome browser. To re-enable notifications follow the article below. (Links to Google.)

Viewing the Sent Messages Report

The Sent Message report provides the statistics of how both individual emails and campaigns are performing. Using this data you are able to make tweaks to content and delivery to ensure your messages are optimized and being seen at the right time.

When viewing the report you are able to get a visual of your message open rate, bounce rate, clicks as well as filter the report to find the data you need quickly.


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