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Act-On Anywhere for Gmail Installation


In less than 60 seconds you can be up and running with Act-On Anywhere.

Note: If you are using an older version of our Chrome extension, please remove it before installing Act-On Anywhere.

  1. Visit chrome://extensions/ from your Chrome browser.
  2. Locate Act-On Software Google Chrome Extension for Gmail and click the trash can icon to remove the extension from Chrome.
  3. Once removed, you can move forward with the Act-On Anywhere installation as detailed below.


  1. Go to the Google Chrome Web Store from your Google Chrome Web Browser using the following link:
  2. The Act-On Anywhere extension page will display, click the blue Add to Chrome button in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Confirm the new extension by clicking "Add"
  4. Once you click "Add", Act-On Anywhere will be added to Google Chrome.
  5. You will be redirected to the Account Management Dashboard, Click the + Account button and enter your Act-On user email address and password, and click save.
Note: To create a unique login/password for each of your child accounts, contact support.

After Act-On Anywhere is installed, you will be brought to the Account Management Dashboard where you have the ability to manage both your associate accounts and websites.

  1. Click the + Account button and enter your Act-On account user credentials.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Once your account is authenticated, you will see your name appear under Account Email.

Edit an account

  1. Click either the pencil icon under Edit to modify your account.
  2. Edit your email address or password and click Save

Delete an account

  1. Click the X under Delete to remove your account.
  2. Click OK to confirm.
  1. Click the Website tab > + Website button and specify the top-level website URL.
  2. Click Timeline and Content Assist.
  3. Click Save.

Edit an associated website

  1. Click the pencil icon under Edit to modify your account.
  2. The Edit Website popup will appear, giving you the ability to enter a new website URL or enable/disable the Timeline and Content Assist.
  3. Click Save after making any changes.

Delete an associated website

  1. Click the X under Delete.
  2. Click OK to confirm.

Modify available features

To modify the Timeline and Content Assist features, simply click on the icon to enable or disable the feature.

  • Green Icon = The feature is enabled
  • Grey Icon = The feature is disabled.

After Act-On Anywhere is installed, you will noticed a new Act-On icon to the right of your browser bar within Google Chrome. Clicking this icon will bring up the options available within Act-On Anywhere.

  • Content Assist - To enable Content Assist for the page you are on, click the checkmark. This will automatically add the website to your Manage Websites list.
  • Overlay Position - Determines the placement of the Content Assist icon within your rich text editor.
  • Timeline - To enable the marketing timeline for the page you are on, click the checkmark.
  • Show Timeline - To show the marketing timeline for the page you are on, click the Show Timeline.
  • SEO Audit Page - Click SEO Audit Page to run an SEO audit for the webpage you are on.
  • Options - Brings up the Account Management Dashboard.

After installation you will navigate back to Act-On and select the image/media folders you would like to enable for use with Act-On Anywhere.

To do this, navigate to:

  • Content > (Image Library / Media Library / Email Templates)
  • Click the cloud icon above the folder list.
  • Click the toggle to the right of the folder(s) you want to enable.

Those folders are now Sales Enabled and accessible within Act-On Anywhere.


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