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Act-On Anywhere Overview


What is the Act-On Anywhere?

Act-On Anywhere lets you embed Marketing Automation functionality into any CRM, webapp or website, and embed Act-On marketing content into any publishing system. This extends the usefulness of our platform to boldly go where Act-On has never gone before. No matter what web-based tool you are in, you can leverage your marketing content, perform SEO audits on both your content and competitors content, and see the activity history for any person matching an email in your Act-On database. For example, you can log in to LinkedIn and see the activity history of first level contacts found within your Act-On account  - without leaving LinkedIn. 

Why should I use Act-On Anywhere?

Marketing Timeline features provides easy access to every interaction customers and prospects have had with marketing assets and webpages.  Usable within your CRM, on LinkedIn in any email or any other webpage.

Prebuilt email templates available for sales within gmail

Gmail Email Recording helps track all emails sent and makes them available for segmentation and scoring.

Gmail Email Alerts provide real time alerts for email opens and link clicks.

Built in tools to integrate marketing campaigns on your blog or website with those in your emails and landing pages.

Easy access to Act-On assets within Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, a rich text editor, and Gmail mail client.

Audit any web page for SEO ranking against your own list of keywords.


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