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Product Release FAQs

We regularly update the Act-On platform with new features, system enhancements, and bug fixes. The platform and your public content may be unavailable for brief periods during the maintenance window.
When does system maintenance take place?

Generally, releases happen every two weeks on Tuesdays between 6-7pm Pacific Time (PT). There are exceptions to this schedule, so look for our communications with more details. 

Can I log into Act-On during the maintenance window?

For short periods during the one-hour window, you may not be able to log in.

How can I prepare for this downtime?

Make sure to save any work that is in progress before the maintenance window begins. Also, please account for temporary disruptions to your Act-On programs, messages, and content during the window.

Will forms and landing pages be accessible?

You should anticipate a brief downtime, during which this content will be unavailable. This is usually only a few minutes, but could last up to an hour in rare situations. New form submissions will not be recorded during this time.

Will automated programs and scheduled emails continue to run?

Programs and email sends will be paused during maintenance and resumed once the release is complete.

Where can I get more details about releases?

Maintenance notifications: Subscribe to our status page at You will be notified at the start and end of maintenance, as well as for any other unplanned system outages.

Feature/enhancement details: Check our Product Release Notes in the Act-On Community. These are usually posted the next day after the release is complete.

We also share advance notice of releases via email and the Act-On login page, so please look out for these communications.

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