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Platform Maintenance - January 15th 2019

We are updating the hardware powering the Act-On platform as part of an initiative to improve performance, scalability, and reliability. For short periods during the two-hour maintenance window, the Act-On platform may be unavailable.

Why is Act-On making these updates?

This maintenance window allows us to upgrade the hardware powering our platform. This hardware provides a foundation for improved performance, scalability, and reliability.

Since it is part of a larger upgrade project, this maintenance action will not cause noticeable changes in the platform on its own. We will share more progress updates as we continue working on these improvements.

When is maintenance taking place?

Tuesday, January 15th 6-8pm Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Can I log into Act-On during the maintenance window?

For short periods during the two-hour window, you may not be able to log in.

Will forms and landing pages be accessible?

No. Though content may be available for portions of the two-hour window, we cannot guarantee specific availability during this time.

Will automated programs and scheduled emails continue to run?

Programs and email sends may be paused during maintenance – but they will be queued to run once maintenance is complete.

Will form submissions be recorded?

During maintenance, new form submissions will not be updated in lists or contact history – but the data will not be lost. It will be recorded and visible in the platform once maintenance is complete.

How can I prepare for this downtime?

Make sure to save any work that is in progress before the maintenance window begins. Also, please account for temporary disruptions to your Act-On programs, messages, and content during the window.

Why is this maintenance window longer than usual?

We are upgrading the hardware that powers the Act-On platform. This longer maintenance period will help ensure a smooth migration.

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