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Right to Access Requests

In Act-On’s effort to improve processes for complying to GDPR, we have assembled steps to comply with Right to Access requests.  We are constantly reassessing our solution’s ability to meet our customers needs based on market trends and customer feedback.

1. Locate Contact in Your Master List

Using the information from the contact requesting the right to access, locate the contact within your Master List.

If you do not have a master list:

  • You will need to find the contact in any other lists in your system
  • Sub-lists or segments do not need to be searched, but top-level lists that have segments should be searched for the contact

2. Load Contact Report and Copy Information

  1. Locate the contact within the list and click on their contact line.
  2. This will bring up the following report
  3. Click the Timeline tab
  4. Click and drag to highlight all of the information on the tab, scrolling to the bottom to select all data
  5. Copy the information

3. Create Excel or .csv File for Distribution

  • Paste the information into Excel or a CSV editing program
    • Use the Keep formatting option to make the document more easily readable.

You can share this file with the contact to share the marketing information you have about them.

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