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Segment by Engagement for Better Click and Open Rates

Create segments for your most and least engaged prospects to optimize your open rates and reduce spam complaints.

Build Engagement Segments

For a particular list that you will send emails to, create query segments to separate different levels of engagement. We recommend creating these three groups:

  1. Engaged - Opened or clicked a message within the last 90 days
  2. Less engaged - Opened or clicked a message within 180 days
    (Same as above, but with the number of days increased)
  3. Non-engaged - No opens within 365 days, and sent at least 10 messages
    1 Year Unengaged.png

These are general guidelines – adjust for your business if needed.

The shorter the time frame you use for each group, the higher quality these segments will be, so you can be more confident that these contacts will keep engaging with your messages.

Use these Segments

With these engagement segments built, you should tailor your sending patterns to each level.

  1. Engaged - Focus your email sending on this group. They are likely to keep engaging with your content, which can improve your open rates, click rates, and overall inbox placement.
  2. Less engaged - Be conservative with your emails to this group. Try to send only occasionally with very high-quality content. If contacts interact with these messages, they will move to the Engaged segment automatically.
  3. Non-engaged - Be careful with these contacts. Chances are higher that they will register spam complaints, which can hurt your sending reputation. If these emails are no longer active, they may be converted into spam trap addresses, and sending to these can be very damaging to your reputation.

Remember: You will have contacts that are outside these three segments.

  • New contacts – once they interact with one of your messages, they will enter the Engaged segment.
  • Diminishing engagement – these contacts are likely moving towards your Non-engaged segment. 

Initially, it may seem strange to purposely ignore some of the contacts in your list. But keep in mind that sending only to your most engaged contacts will significantly benefit your email deliverability in the long run, which builds a reputation of strong engagement and helps you reach new prospects.

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