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Creating an Abuse or Postmaster Address in Google Apps

AUDIENCE: Administrators, IT Teams
OBJECTIVES: Learn how to set up the abuse and postmaster aliases in Google Apps

Feedback addresses such as abuse and postmaster are required for use with Act-On's DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) integration. You will need to be able to check email for one of these addresses in order to complete the DKIM process.

 If you use Google Apps for mail, the setup for these addresses is different from a typical mail server.

Google automatically accepts and monitors all messages sent to abuse and postmaster for domains which use Google Apps for mail. This means these addresses are reserved, and are not available for general use. You may still subscribe to these addresses, however, and receive messages sent to abuse and postmaster for your domain.

To subscribe to the messages sent to abuse@<yourdomain>.com, simply create a Google Group with the desired users as members. Google Groups are available via the Admin Console by clicking on the More bar, usually shown at the bottom of the console.

Quick steps to setup:

  • Add a new group named 'Abuse'.
  • Set the group email address to abuse@<yourdomain>.com (this is the only place Google will allow you to do this).
  • Select the desired access settings.
  • Add the desired users to the group as members. These users will receive copies of messages sent to abuse@<yourdomain>.com.
  • Save your group.

You can test your new group by sending a message to abuse@<yourdomain>.com. You should see your test email in your inbox if you are a member of the Abuse group. If you have set up this group as part of a DKIM implementation in progress, let your Onboarding Manager know that your group has been created.


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