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Reasons Why Email Messages May Not Be Received

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Determine reasons why email messages are not received

When an email message is sent, some of the intended recipients may not receive the message. The most common cause is that some requirements were not met (e.g., personalization) causing the email address to be suppressed from receiving a message.

Follow the steps below to learn why an email message was not received:

  • Click Outbound Sent.
  • Hover over the message in question, click the down-arrow and click Report.
  • Click Not Sent/Suppressed.
  • You will be shown the email addresses that were not sent to or were suppressed from the mailing, reasons why they were not sent, and common reasons for not receiving email messages include being on an opt-out list or failing to meet the personalization requirements of the message.

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