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Act-On Software

Monitoring Sender Reputation

AUDIENCE: Marketing Users, IT Team
OBJECTIVES: Understand what sender reputation is and whether Act-On monitors it

Sender reputation is how your recipients' mail servers think of you as a sender of an email message.

For example, here is what Microsoft says about their particular 'sender reputation' technology:

Sender Reputation is anti-spam functionality that [works] to block messages according to many characteristics of the sender. Sender reputation relies about the sender to determine what action, if any, to take on an inbound message.

Act-On works with major email providers, like Yahoo and Hotmail, to maintain its reputation as a legitimate sender. You can be sure that the email messages you send through the Act-On mail servers are less likely to be marked as spam and may be delivered more quickly by servers that would otherwise limit the delivery rate from high-volume senders.


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