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Sign-up Form Guide


It’s critical to use online marketing forms well. They are the one place on your website where you have the chance to capture contact data that a prospect willingly provides, in essence giving you permission to market to them.

Offering prospects the ability to signup for a newsletter can provide you a great pool of prospects to begin nurturing.

This must be included as required form fields on your newsletter signup form.

Tip: Short forms are usually better

We’ve conducted numerous A/B tests to determine if a long or short form will convert better. In all cases, the short version has won. However, make sure it’s still long enough to collect the information you need – a form that asks only for a name and email will not be as useful as one that also asks for a phone number and company name. Leads might also avoid filling out a suspiciously short form for fear of being spammed.

That said, the people who fill out longer forms may be more motivated, so while you may get fewer leads, they may be better quality.

This form will capture your prospects' information. Out of the box, a new Act-On form will give you the recommended basic fields.

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A few things to consider:

  • Provide a clear and concise explanation for why the reader is filling out the form.
  • Your form needs a strong call to action. Whether you’re linking to a form from an email, web page, landing page, or social media, you want to make sure readers know what the value proposition is and what they get by completing the form.
  • Consider form placement on your website/blog when designing your form fields & layout.
  • A simple link to your organization’s privacy policy and a promise that none of the prospects information will be passed to third-party websites will help build trust with those completing the form. - feel free to check out Act-On's privacy policy.

Determine where and how you will be deploying your form. There are four ways to integrate an Act-On form into your website:

  • The External Post Method will allow you to use your own form while keeping the benefits of using an Act-On form.
  • Iframe the form onto your your website/landing page/blog.
  • Link to the form directly from your website/hidden behind a call-to-action button.
  • Insert the Act-On forms HTML code directly onto your website/blog/landing page

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Why is this important?

If you want people to be able to go on your website and fill out your Newsletter Signup form, you must integrate the form into your site using one of the 4 methods to the left.

  1. Preview your form in multiple browser windows to make sure it works across the board. 
  2. Test-submit the form to find any process flaws, and make sure the flow is as designed.

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While testing your form, remember:

Don’t skip previewing the form on mobile devices; 47% of emails are opened on mobile devices now, and people reading email on their phones and tablets will be more likely to fill out a form that is mobile-compatible.

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