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Segmentation Strategy Overview

Use query segments to divide up your audience and send them the most relevant content.

When creating a segment based off of the query option, two attributes are available for searching for contacts: profile and behavioral. You must first choose whether you would like to require contacts to meet any or all of your search requirements.

Create Your Buyer Personas

Your list segments should be based on what you know about your buyers. To understand your customers, you should develop a Buyer Persona: a semi-fictional representation of a typical buyer.

You can create segments based on a profile or behavioral query. See this page for steps.

Create Nurture List Segments 

The goal of creating nurture list segments is to turn unengaged and anonymous visitors into engaged prospects. This will allow you to start tracking your website visitors and get a clear picture of your buyers' typical buying behavior.

It is important to provide quality content to those at the top of your funnel so you can move them through the buyers journey into sales ready leads.

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