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Personalized From Addresses


Act-On's Personalized From: feature allows you to automatically use your sales owner's contact information in your outbound messages.

For the feature to work, follow this process to include Lead/Contact Owner fields on your marketing lists. This works whether you are using an integrated CRM with Act-On or uploading your lists manually.

Important: This feature must be enabled for your account. Contact Support to have it enabled if you do not see these options in the steps below.

Add Owner Association to Your List

The first step is to add a system association for Lead/Contact Owner Name Email fields to your list. This information then can be used to populate your From address and name.

  1. Click Contacts, and choose Marketing Lists.
  2. Hover over the list, and click the drop-down arrow.
  3. Choose MaintenanceIdentify List Columns
  4. Scroll down to the fields called Owner Email and Owner Name. Click the dropdown for each and select the field that represents your sales owner's name and email in your CRM or external lists.
    Note: This field must contain the sales owner's first and last name.
  5. Click Save.

If you do not have sales owner information in your lists

You need to add these columns to be able to use Personalized From. Here's how:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow on the right and select Maintenance > Change List Columns.
  2. Click Add Column, and enter a title for the column (for example, Owner Email) and click Submit.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Repeat so that you have both Owner Name and Owner Email on your list.
    Note: The Owner Name field must contain the sales owner's first and last name.
  5. Populate these fields in your list with the relevant owner information.

You can now add the owner association using the steps above.

In the Sender field of your outbound message, select Personalized From. Your sales owner's information will now be used.

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