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Middle of Funnel Email Guide

At this point we have prospects in the middle of the funnel and we are trying to transition them into being a customer. Right now it's all about educating the prospect on your product or service so they can evaluate and make a decision.

Successful delivery of content targeted to prospects at the middle of your funnel will help move them out of the funnel and get them ready for Sales Qualification.

Get Started

Let’s get started with creating an automated program for the middle of the funnel! Use targeted content that aims to provide solutions using your services.

Build a Segment

  1. Add a "Lead Score" field in your list and update it automatically through a list maintenance program.
  2. Go to Contacts > Marketing Lists > Create a Segment.
  3. Define a query segment for each funnel stage.
  4. Add a profile attribute based on the "Lead Score" field you just created.

Create an Email

Create your email content based off your Middle of Funnel. Be sure to consider not only the content but also the cadence and conditions in which it will be delivered.

  1. Click Content > Email Templates.
  2. Click Actions > New Template, then choose a starting point.
  3. From the General tab:
    • Add a Message Title.
    • Add a Subject Line.
    • Select a Sender and Reply To address.
  4. From the Design tab, select Stationery, add content, and adjust the message styling. To learn how, click here.
  5. From the Review tab:
    • Preview your message as HTML, Text, and Mobile.
    • Validate your message and check your personalization. To learn how, click here.
  6. Click Save.

Build Your Program

  1. From the General Settings tab
    1. Enter a Name and an optional description for your program.
    2. Click Add next to Program Source List to select any list or segment that you would like to associate with this program. You can repeat this step to associate multiple lists and/or segments with the program.
    3. Once the program is running, your source lists will be checked periodically to look for new contacts to enter into the program and will update the contacts Activity History - you can also modify your scoring rules and create segments accordingly.
  2. From the Program Messages tab
    1. Click Add Program Message.
    2. Choose any existing template, draft, scheduled, or sent message as a starting point for your new message.
    3. Once the message has been added to the program, hover over it and click Edit to make any changes to the content.
  3. From the Lists & Segments tab
    1. Click the Add List/Segment button and select the desired list or segment.
    2. Repeat the process as many times as needed.
  4. From the Program Flow tab
    1. Drag the step from the menu on the right side of the page and drop it into the desired location in your program flow.
    2. Hover over the step and click Edit to give the step a name, and specify its rules and actions.

Engage with Non-Responders

Getting a response from your prospects may take more than one email! Drive engagement with reminder emails to non-responders within your program.

  1. Click Content > Email Templates.
  2. Click Actions > New Template, then choose a starting point.
  3. From the General tab:
    1. Add a Message Title.
    2. Add a Subject Line.
    3. Select a Sender and Reply To address.
    4. From the Design tab, select Stationery, add content, and adjust the message styling.
  4. From the Review tab:
    1. Preview your message as HTML, Text, and Mobile.
    2. Validate your message and check your personalization.
  5. Click Save.

From the Program Flow tab:

  1. Drag the Conditional Branch step into your program.
  2. Hover over the step and click Edit.
  3. Select If Prospect Was Sent, But Did Not Open Message.
  4. Select your follow-up email and click Submit.

After saving your program, you will be taken to the program's dashboard. You may also navigate to the dashboard by hovering over your program in the Automated Programs listing and clicking on Dashboard.

  • Click Start when you are ready to run your program. A new window will appear asking "Would you like to enter new contacts now?".
    • If your schedule is set to Immediately, you will have the option to enter your existing contacts right away or completely skip them from the program.

Successful programs aren’t just about opens and clicks! Viewing your programs’ dashboards provide you with deeper insight like early exits and conversions.

The Overview tab provides you quick insight into how your program is running. Get a glance at the Total Entries, Total in Program, Total Early Exits, and Total Standard Exits.

Total Exits compares standard exits to early exits. Early Exits by Status compares failure vs success.

Entries and Exits allows you to filter through entries and exits into your program. Using Graph Type you are able to change the graph from a bar to line graph. Clicking on Entries or Exits will add or remove the data from your graph.

The Messages tab includes a graph of the messages sent over time, and a representation of the messages in the flow of a program - showing the different data (sent, open, click, opt-out). Clicking on the message Subject Line will pull up the Sent Message report.

The Sent Message report will give me more detail into your message, clickthroughs, and will give a click map view into your HTML message.

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