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Form Deployment Guide

AUDIENCE: Admins, Marketing Users

With Act-On, you can create professional-looking web forms in minutes and with minimal clicks. Here is the overall process to create a basic Contact Us form and start capturing new leads or support requests.

Determine Required Fields

What do you want to know about your prospects? These will be the required fields on your Contact Us form. Try to use only the most important items, because shorter forms are typically better.

Create a form to capture your prospects' information. A new Act-On form includes some recommended basic fields.

  • Include a strong call to action – explain the value the visitor will get from completing the form.
  • Web visitors value their privacy, so link to your organization’s privacy policy and include a message that personal information will not be shared or sold

You can publish your form in two ways:

  • Act-On landing page - To do this, navigate to the landing page you would like to use, and use the form block to add it in.
  • 3rd party landing page - To add your form to an external page, you can use embed code. See this guide for details.

Please note: Act-On's New Forms do not have Public URLs. They must be embedded to be publicly available.

  1. Preview your form in multiple browser windows to make sure it works across the board. Remember to preview on a mobile device!
  2. Test-submit the form to make sure the process is working as you designed.
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