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Create an Automated Nurture Program


Drip marketing simply means sending marketing messages in a specific tempo. Like the drip irrigation systems they’re named after, these messages land right where they’re supposed to go, over time, with a minimum of waste.


List segmentation is a key activity when deciding who to send emails to, and what type of content to send. If you have not yet created Nurture List Segments, click here to do so. 

2. Create your email templates for each Nurture Program

Next you will need to build email templates for each of your nurture programs, click the links below to learn how to build each. 

3. Create your Automated Program

The Content Catalog brings a fresh approach to designing your Automated Programs, allowing you to select from our growing library of Automated Program templates to use within your Act-On account, so you can quickly begin launching campaigns.

To learn more about using Automated Program templates, click here

Please note:

Using Automated program templates allow you to get up and running quickly, but you can also design your own custom automated programs. To learn more, click here.

4. Using the Automated Programs Dashboard

The data within the Automated Programs dashboard is organized in a coherent fashion, making it easy to get a sense of how the automated program is going at a glance. To access the Automated Programs Dashboard, hover over the Automated Program you would like to view and click Dashboard.

To learn how to navigate the dashboard, click here.

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