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Deploy a website form

Web forms are essentially a handshake between you and a prospect; the latter provides contact information in exchange for something of value – perhaps registering for a webinar, downloading premium content, taking advantage of a limited-time offer, or simply requesting to be contacted.

In digital marketing, web forms are essential for initiating engagement with prospects and customers. With Act-On, you can create professional-looking forms in minutes, and with minimal clicks.

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Let’s get started with deploying a website form to capture leads! Get to know who’s visiting your website by integrating website forms with Act-On forms.

To Do:

Create a new form to capture your prospects information. Out of the box, creating a new Act-On form will give you the recommended basic fields.

If you have already created a form with the required fields you would like filled in - awesome, move along to step 2.

If you have yet to create a new form, click Content > Forms > New Form.

To Do:

  1. From the Settings tab on the Form Builder, click Create Confirmation Email Message.
  2. Choose the starting point for your message.
  3. Create your message design/layout and add your confirmation message.
  4. Repeat for each form you need to add a confirmation message to.

To Do:

1. Determine where and how you will be deploying your form. There are four ways to integrate an Act-On form into your website:

  • Link to the form directly from your website/hidden behind a call-to-action button.
  • Iframe the form onto your your website/landing page/blog.
  • The External Post Method will allow you to use your own form while keeping the benefits of using an Act-On form.
  • Insert the Act-On forms HTML code directly onto your website/blog/landing page

Measure your website forms’ success! View the form report to gain insight on who is submitting their information.

  • Click on Content, and choose Forms.
  • Click on the specific form that you would like to see reporting for to display the menu.
  • Choose the View Form Report option.
    • Once the form report has been accessed, Act-On will display detailed statistics relating to the form including traffic and submissions. The form report will show graphical representations of views and submissions as well as statistical data related to the promotion of the form.
    • Please note that all statistical data in the reports area can be clicked to drill down into greater detail.

The following are examples of the types of form report data you may see:

  • Views Pie Chart – Shows the total number of views that your form has received based on source.
  • Submits Pie Chart – Shows the total number of submissions to your form by source.
  • Source – The name of the identifier for the source that you have used to promote your form. List names that were sent an email message linked to your form will be shown. Public URLs that were used to promote your form will be shown by name.
  • Views – The number of views that your form has received by each source used to promote the form itself.
  • Submits – The number of submissions your form has received by each source you have used to promote your form.
  • Percent – The percentage of conversions your form has produced. A person who views and then submits your form is counted as a conversion.
  • Unique – The number of unique individuals who have submitted your form.
  • Non-Submitters – The number of unique individuals who have viewed your form but did not fill it out and submit it .
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