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Setup technical requirements


Email is one of the most powerful tools in marketing, but you have to make sure the messages you send are effective. We'll address some technical recommendations to help you succeed in your online marketing activities especially when sending emails through Act-On.

Some of these will require one-time assistance from your IT staff or domain host, and some can be started right away. Others will require the assistance of Technical Support.

In this article, we'll help you:

  • Create a custom marketing domain and setup the beacon tracker
  • Setup your Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)
  • Whitelist the Act-On sending domains and IP addresses

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To Do:

  1. Login to your Act-On account 
  2. Go to Content > Branding > Domain
  3. Copy the default Act-On server URL provided
  4. Have either your IT or domain host create a CNAME called "marketing" or "info"
  5. Point the CNAME to the default Act-On server URL in your account
  6. Go to Content > Branding > Domain, click Edit and add your newly-created CNAME
  7. Click Beacon Tracking Code after adding your CNAME and apply the given code to the footer of your website

Tracking HTTPS pages

To Do:

The Act-On Beacon Tracker code is built to track website traffic on public ('http') pages; however, it can also monitor traffic on secure ('https') pages. To track secure pages at your domain, an SSL certificate for your Custom Marketing Domain is required.

To Do:

  1. From the Start page, locate your Act-On account ID, which is next to your username within the Account widget. 
  2. Have your administrator create a CNAME entry, such as (AOAccountID)aoauth._domainkey.(, in your corporate DNS, and point it to
  3. Set up an email alias using postmaster@.
  4. Call into support when you have completed steps 1-3 to trigger the Yahoo Verification email.
  5. Upon receiving the Yahoo Verification email, quickly call Customer Support (+1 (844) 336-3191 or +1 (877) 530-1555) and provide the enclosed Code in-order to have the DKIM activated by Act-On. Please note that this is very time sensitive.

Why is this important?

Having a DKIM record will build your reputation as a responsible sender or transfer your domain reputation if you have had DKIM setup in the past. It’s basically your email license to send. Setting up DKIM will assist in deliverability which ultimately affects your return on investment.

In our continued efforts to assist our customers with email best practices and obtain the best deliverability possible, we recommend setting up the envelop address under your unique domain. The combination of your content and the technical requirements on this page will work hand-in-hand to help receiving domains trust the incoming mail traffic.

Setting up the MX record will tell receiving domains where inbound messages sent to the new sub-domain should go (e.g., bounces).

  • Decide on a new sub-domain to be used for your new Envelope From: domain email headers (i.e.,
  • Create a TXT record under the new sub-domain: v=spf1 -all
  • This will set the SPF policy for the newly created sub-domain only.
  • Add an MX record for the new sub-domain and point it to (priority 10).
  • Submit a case to Support with the following:
  • Specify in the subject line: "Envelope From: Ready for Config"
  • Provide the sub-domain used
  • Provide your Act-On account ID.

Please note:

Only one Envelope From: domain should be set up for each Act-On instance. If you're using multiple sending domains or brands in one Act-On instance, use the domain with the healthiest reputation.

To Do:

  1. Request assistance from IT or your email service (i.e., Gmail)
  2. Whitelist the Act-On sending domains & IP addresses
  3. Exempt the Act-On sending domains/IP addresses and your corporate From Addresses from your "spoofing" rules

Office 365 users

The IP range may be rejected by the Office 365 Admin Center. If this happens, you can use the four following ranges as the equivalent:


Items to whitelist:

Domain List


IP Address List


To Do:

To initiate the connection between Act-On and your CRM, follow the steps below:

  • Click Settings, and select Connectors.
  • Click the CRM menu, and choose from one of the CRMs listed.
  • Connect your CRM to Act-On.

Available CRMs:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SugarCRM
  • Infor (formerly Saleslogix)
  • Netsuite

To Do:

  1. Go to Contacts > Standard Field Names
  2. Start adding basic field names like First Name, Last Name, Title, and Company
  3. Add custom field names like Behavior Score, and Lead Source
  4. Continue to add more as needed
  5. If you are using a CRM, go to Contacts > Standard Field Names and click the Optimize For CRM button