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Managing Accounts in the Marketing Network

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users, Agency Users
OBJECTIVES: Gain a general understanding of how to manage accounts using the Marketing Network

The Marketing Network allows marketing agencies to manage their clients’ Act-On accounts.

Agencies can create new accounts, allocate (provision) active contacts to accounts, assign managers to accounts, log into accounts to manage marketing efforts on clients’ behalf, and share marketing assets between accounts.


Agencies gain and lose clients often and, as a result, need the ability to easily create or remove managed accounts. Using the Marketing Network, users can create new accounts, provision them with active contacts, and delete them in one step.

Agencies' clients have different marketing schedules and, therefore, different needs in terms of active contacts. Agencies' users can easily manage the amount of active contacts each account uses.

  • Minimum reflects the number of Active Contacts currently used by the managed account during the current month period. You are not able to drop the number of Active Contacts below what has already been used.
  • Maximum reflects the amount of Active Contacts that have been provisioned to this specific managed account plus what is available in the main account total for distribution.

Clients' staffing needs often change, and agencies need to change managers' access to sub-accounts. Administrative users can easily assign, re-assign, or remove account managers on an account. When an account manager is assigned to an account, they can log into it to manage the account’s marketing efforts, and vice versa.

When an account manager is assigned to an account, they have the ability to log into a sub-account to manage that account's marketing efforts. When an account manager is logged into a sub-account, they have administrative privileges for the account, which means that they can configure the account (settings, users, privileges) in addition to managing campaigns.

Agency users have the option to configure sharing settings with managed accounts from the Marketing Network. By default, managed accounts can receive (subscribe) to assets from the main account. However, any account can be configured to share assets with any other account in the agency group.

Once the accounts have been configured to share or receive assets, users can share an asset by:

  • Click Share in the preview of the asset they would like to share.
  • Select the accounts with whom they would like to share the asset.

Once an asset has been shared, the receiving accounts need to accept the asset in the Inbox, located in the Home icon menu.

Note: At this time, only forms and templates are sharable.
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