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Act-On Software

Accessing the Agency Control Panel

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Identify the features and use of the agency control panel
  • Distribute access and active contacts to accounts controlled by the main agency account
The agency control panel is used to control an agency's managed accounts.

 To access the agency control panel:

  • Hover over the Profile icon in the top right corner of the Act-On Start page.
  • Click Agency.

Within the Agency menuthe Accounts tab allows users with administrative privileges in the main agency account to:

  • Log into managed accounts
  • Allocate active contacts to managed accounts
  • Create new managed accounts
  • Assign account managers to managed accounts
  • Users with marketing access in the agency account can use the Accounts tab to login to the managed accounts they've been assigned to manage.
  • Active contacts purchased by the agency can be divided among the managed accounts as the agency determines, and can shift back and forth as the agency sees fit. Any remainder can be used by the main agency account for its own marketing and/or to allocate later to other managed accounts.
  • The table at the bottom of the page displays the current allocation of active contacts, the subtotal of active contacts used for each account, and historical usage data.
  • The Show drop-down menu allows you to view accounts assigned to a specific manager.
  • The accounts list grid may also be sorted by clicking on the column headers (ascending or descending).
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